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Purple Hues-3 An Interview with Kavita T Panyam

1- You are a proud contributing Author of Purple Hues-3, India's favorite Anthology. What is your story/ poem about? Is it related to your own life or someone you know


At the outset, let me first convey my joy and pride of being a contributing author of the prestigious anthology “Purple Hues-3.” The story that I have contributed is about my own brother, who is a martyr. Late Major T Shyam Sunder’s story has already touched millions of people worldwide. That is when I decided to write about him so that more people could be inspired by the brave officer's story. The story revolves around courage, generosity, sacrifice and more importantly about the unusual acceptance of a life that was cut short in its prime. Major Shyam lived for others till the end. He was the toughest officer both mentally and physically in his regiment and also during his training at the defense academies. His achievements in such a short tenure speak volumes about his bravery and presence of mind during the crisis. He got many soldiers married, educated, financed their health issues and also took care of the financial needs of the soldier's families. All this at the age of 25 when most youngsters can only think about indulging themselves. In his last days too, he had gone up to each soldier in all wards and had played board games with them, comforted their families and had tried to give them as much joy as he could. He had crossed over only after thanking all the doctors and nurses and other staff that had attended to him. He left us at the tender age of 27 when life had not even begun and yet he was most people’s sun.

2- As the theme for the series is Inspiration, tell us who or what inspired you to start writing.

I had started to write on social media a couple of years back and found that my posts garnered many likes and comments. It was then that a gentleman asked me to start writing professionally. Though I am a counseling psychologist by profession, my passion has always included writing from a young age. With the help of a friend, I started to blog at Musings on Life and soon managed to find the audience that loved my posts and my blog as well. This year my blog, Musings On Life, has been nominated for the Indian Blogger Awards though it is just two and a half years since I started blogging. I contribute articles to many prestigious print magazines, well-known e-zines, and portals. I found my calling in writing and am glad I answered it.

3- Do you think that Artists have a social responsibility? If you had all the power, what is that one thing you would like to change about our world?

. Yes, I definitely feel that artists have a social responsibility as they are the face of a nation. People are more likely to follow their ideals as they look up to them. To be able to lead a nation is no small task and this increases their job of being well informed about the issues prevailing in the nation. If I were in their shoes, I would first ensure that the male-female competition meets with an end as both of them are indispensable. Competition between the two genders is the reason why chaos has knocked the doors of our nation. The victim behavior must end. Women can, by all means, educate themselves and get into good jobs. Men can do the same but not gloat about their gender as that reflects poor upbringing. Women can still cook without feeling oppressed while men can take care of the baby when the wife is out shopping without looking shamefaced. Afterall, it takes two to tango.

4- What is your message for the young, budding writers?

Anyone desirous of becoming a writer must be a voracious reader for one cannot write well if he/she is not well read. While one may be swimming in good ideas, an expression is important to stay afloat. Patience, being persistent and consistent is also important. To expect fame is not wrong, but to borrow from another’s game isn’t. Therefore they should try and be original as far as possible. Luck is always present, it is just that one looks too deep into everything. So, relax and let the ink flow as you sit back and glow.

5- What do you think should be the next theme for Purple Hues?

I feel people could do with some stories on how relationships were brought from chaos to calm. This could go a long way in creating a good reader base for the brand/title. I wish Purple Hues 3 all the best. May it touch lives far and wide from every side.


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2-As the theme for the series is Inspiration, tell us who or what inspired you to start writing.
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